We welcome you with bread, salt and heart.

Bread and Salt Bakehouse was created from a place of authenticity, to serve our community with the highest-quality, most unique Eastern and Western culinary offerings.

Executive Pastry Chef, Kira Desmond brings her global wealth of knowledge to the Bakehouse each morning. With our team of dedicated bakers, Chef Desmond crafts the finest bread, pizza, Sambousek and pastries, along with a variety of seasonal items. We encourage you to stop in often to see what our team has prepared.


A noble

Bread and Salt, a name with one meaning for many cultures across the globe.

The sharing of bread and salt is a welcoming tradition that has been respected for thousands of years and symbolizes a moment of significance, when strangers and acquaintances, become friends. At Bread and Salt Bakehouse, this sharing ritual is the central pillar of everything that we do and represents friendship, love, generosity, hospitality and friendliness.

Everyone is welcome to share in bread and salt at our Bakehouse.

How it

First beginning with only seven ingredients to produce our signature pita, Bread and Salt has now evolved into a bakehouse for the local community. We welcome everyone to join us while savouring artisanal bread, delectable desserts, Mediterranean flatbreads and pizzas, traditional and Syrian ice cream, and so much more.

Our Bread and Salt Pita continues to lead the market and is available at grocers and shops across Ontario. Interested in carrying Bread and Salt? Contact us.


From our bakehouse
to your home.

As a small family-owned company in Mississauga, Ontario, we understand the importance of sharing in quality wholesome dishes with your family.

Transparency is at the root of our recipes, blended with fresh ingredients and innovation, so you can enjoy the goodness of Bread and Salt Bakehouse from our kitchen to yours.

About us

Our Pita is made using the oldest pita recipe in the book, no chemicals, no preservatives, and that is our promise. In fact, we invite you to try it yourself, leave our bread out of the fridge for 5 days and you will see green and white food mold building which is only natural, otherwise or if mold do not build up after 4-5 days then it means it has chemicals and preservatives.



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